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Generally you may be asked to at first produce your subscription and ID on their website, but once developed you log in, produce a card, and send out a card, it's that easy. No need to reply-- you can have an ecard site for a lot less.

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A tailored card suggests more than just the recipient or givers name. Simply think of the gratitude they will reveal that you took the time and effort to produce a greeting card just for them.

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This complimentary birthday ecard or delighted birthday card is readily available online. They are simple for any individual to select and to send out with great deals of options to pick from.

This is a more practical method and a more sure way of sending your unique someone a happy birthday card on their wedding day. This is through the new generation of birthday welcoming cards-- free birthday ecards.



eCards Are Great Marketing Tool


Ecards (electronic greeting cards) are an excellent example of efficient marketing on the web. You have a service open to the Google users. The ecards they send out from your website invariably contain promo for your company, service or products. They are marketing tools that are instant, economical, customized and although sent through email, S.P.A.M.-free.


This type of Internet marketing through ecards is extremely effective. Remember, with each sent ecard from your site you have at least 2 prospective clients!


No need to reply-- you can have an ecard site for a lot less. The idea is the exact same, and you can use it just as the huge kids. You can develop a database of qualified potential customers and use ecards to:


- Promote - promote products and services


- Brand - create company awareness among your customer base


- Welcome - invite people to workshops and occasions


- Advise - send consultation suggestions


- Inform - send out Client appreciation memos, Recruiting/hiring notices, etc.


- Reference - send out Birthday wishes, Holiday greetings, Thank You's, etc.


There are a great deal of great ecard programs on the Web which provide free ecards service and with a few of the huge gamers of this industry like American Greetings (www.ag.com), Hall mark (www.hallmark.com) get millions of visits monthly but they are no longer complimentary for their premium eCards and they do not offer re-branding of their content to other business.