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Generally you may be asked to at first produce your subscription and ID on their website, but once developed you log in, produce a card, and send out a card, it's that easy. No need to reply-- you can have an ecard site for a lot less.

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A tailored card suggests more than just the recipient or givers name. Simply think of the gratitude they will reveal that you took the time and effort to produce a greeting card just for them.

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This complimentary birthday ecard or delighted birthday card is readily available online. They are simple for any individual to select and to send out with great deals of options to pick from.

This is a more practical method and a more sure way of sending your unique someone a happy birthday card on their wedding day. This is through the new generation of birthday welcoming cards-- free birthday ecards.



Is an e-card enough for Valentine's Day?

Guys, you may have heard that a huge holiday is right around the corner, and if you're in any kind of relationship, you better get busy and get your gift together.

Stumped, and thinking about sending your honey a Valentine's Day e-card?

If you do, TV's Mindy Kaling, who regularly mines relationship moires and snubs into fodder on her Fox sitcom, The Mindy Project, has some definite thoughts on this.
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Send Holiday Cheer Through a Video Greeting with Congrats

I’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to share what you’re thankful for, and spread love and cheer to loved ones near and far. This year, technology is giving us new ways to connect virtually, including new apps such as Congrats and social media platforms like Facebook’s Say Thanks or Instagram video.
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Don't Fall For It: Mother's Day E-Card Scam

Mother's Day is Sunday, and that means many of you will be getting cards from your children.  But FactFinder 12 doesn't wan you to fall for a Mother's Day scam.

Security experts say you need to be careful if you receive an e-card to your e-mail inbox.

Hackers are sending out fake Mother's Day e-cards that look like they are from a child, but clicking on the link is dangerous.
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Tom's Guide: 10 Greeting Card Apps for iOS and Android

Sending a card is a bit of an inconvenience. You have to go to the store, pick out the perfect one, write it, and then mail it, and you're pretty organized if you manage to do it all in one shot. However, as it with most things, there's an app for that. Actually, there's a whole bunch of them, regardless of the platform your phone is running on. The Tom's Guide team has put together a list of 10 greeting card apps ranging from the simple ecard to services that will actually mail a physical card to the recipient for a small fee. Check them out in '10 Greeting Card Apps for iOS and Android.'
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Greeting Cards Are Getting Slammed By Social Media

Say it's your birthday or you've just had a baby, maybe got engaged or bought your first house. If you're like many Americans, your friends are texting their congratulations, sending you an e-card or clicking "Like" on your FACEBOOK wall.

"I'm really, really bad at it," said Melissa Uhl. The 25-year-old nanny from Kansas City, Mo., hears from friends largely through FACEBOOK. "Maybe," she said, "an e-card from my mom."
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